Collaboration among industrial neighbours: Gen2 Energy and Norsk e-Fuel sign agreement

Norsk e-Fuel and Gen2 Energy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) declaring their plan to collaborate in the development of Mosjøen as key location and workplace for the green industry in Norway. The collaboration includes the intent of building an industrial supply chain for green hydrogen, common access to additional land and joint infrastructures for green industrial processes in Mosjoen

Gen2 Energy collaborates with Sjøtind and Lovund Skyss for the possible use of hydrogen fuel for their ferries.

Lovund Skyss and Sjøtind have both entered into agreements with Gen2 Energy to develop solutions that will enable use of hydrogen as fuel for their ferries operating in Nordland, an area of Norway where ferry connections are an important part of the infrastructure. Expectations of zero-emission ferry operations provides a strong basis for an exciting collaboration between the parties.

Golden Energy Offshore partner with Gen2 Energy to explore the use and availability of hydrogen-based fuel.

The Norway-based vessel owner and operator Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (Golden Energy Offshore) and the Norway-based hydrogen company Gen2 Energy AS (Gen2 Energy) have entered a Letter of Intent for mutual exchange of experience and information regarding use of possible hydrogen-based fuel types for various types of vessels in Golden Energy Offshore’s fleet and identification of suitable locations for availability of the alternative hydrogen-based fuel types.

Gen2 Energy AS and Alcoa Norway have signed a letter of intent for cooperation on green hydrogen in Mosjøen.

-In the agreement, Gen2 Energy and Alcoa Norway agree to look into the potential of green hydrogen in Alcoas’ aluminium operations in Mosjøen. This includes joint development of solutions for maritime logistics, grid utilization and power, share knowledge about hydrogen and oxygen as input factors and look at the potential in a larger market for use of green hydrogen locally.

Women at hydrogen filling station - Element 2

Gen2 Energy and Element 2 to cooperate on scalable supplies of green hydrogen in UK

In a recently signed agreement, Gen2 Energy and Element 2 will cooperate on a plug and play supply chain for certified green hydrogen, allowing fuel to be delivered across the UK. Element 2 is accelerating the UK’s process of decarbonisation and the agreement with Gen2 Energy will be another catalyst for the UK’s hydrogen economy. …

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