About us

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What we do

Gen2 Energy is dedicated to developing, building, owning and operating an integrated value chain for green hydrogen within 2023. The company aims to establish production capacity at large-scale for green hydrogen based on 100 percent renewable energy, and to operate an intelligent logistics network.

We are setting up our main distribution of green hydrogen in compressed form at 350 bar. We are currently evaluating various compressions, and liquified hydrogen.  

Our Mission

Gen2 Energy’s mission is to provide Europe with clean green hydrogen. 

Gen2 Energy lets renewable energy production companies utilize more of their green power, by creating a new distribution chain via green hydrogen. We are determined to open a new market channel for “trapped” renewable energy to a new European customerbase.  

The environmental footprint is a key part of Gen2 Energy, and in addition to working towards a zero-emission production line, the company also aims at having minimal emissions in the distribution of green hydrogen. Lastly, Gen2 Energy develops an easy-to-use plug-and-play solution for end customers, making the adaption of green hydrogen smooth and cost efficient for our customers.

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Our future sites

Gen2 Energy’s future sites are planned close to some of the largest renewable energy sources in Norway, giving us continuous access to renewable energy.

Our goal is to use the excess heat and oxygen generated during the production, for local initiatives in farming, fish farming and other initiatives in the local community. We belive in a true cirular economy.

Green guarantee

Gen2 Energy will supply a certificate of origin for all green hydrogen produced at our facility to document that our green hydrogen is zero-emission. There are many initatives in EU on this subject, and Gen2 Energy is connecting with these to align with the market and goverment standard. 

Safe and environmentally friendly distribution

Our future smart containers have a high focus on safety and security and are equipped with sensors, valves and communication modules. Gen2 Energy monitors the integrity of the container and its content from production to use, and we track the containers through the value chain to optimize logistics.

We are working to establish a zero-emission transport throughout our value chain. On the road we seek partners with zero-emission trucks and we are working on fuel cell-driven ships to transport the hydrogen at sea. Our goal is a zero-emission value chain for our zero-emission product.


Gen2 Energy aims to offer a green hydrogen plug-and-play delivery solution where the customer and Gen2 Energy can monitor the use and predict when a replacement container is needed. When a storage unit is close to empty, we and our partner network will supply a replacement unit.

Our goal is to work with our customers to facilitate an optimal solution for their needs. Every country and customer is unique, and with a combination of our plug-and-play solution and customer customization, we can deliver Hydrogen-as-a-Service.

Gen2 Energy AS, Raveien 205, 3184 Borre, Norway