Gen2 Energy AS and Alcoa Norway have signed a letter of intent for cooperation on green hydrogen in Mosjøen.

Gen2 Energy AS and Alcoa Norway have signed a letter of intent for cooperation on green hydrogen in Mosjøen.

In the agreement, Gen2 Energy and Alcoa Norway agree to look into the potential of green hydrogen in Alcoas’ aluminium operations in Mosjøen. This includes joint development of solutions for maritime logistics, grid utilization and power, share knowledge about hydrogen and oxygen as input factors and look at the potential in a larger market for use of green hydrogen locally.

Jonas Meyer, CEO in Gen2 Energy, says, – We are very pleased with the collaboration with Alcoa so far, which now results in a letter of intent to look at potential use of hydrogen, oxygen, and common infrastructure. Decarbonisation of aluminium production represents a potentially large market for hydrogen, while local sales significantly reduce transport costs. Local sales of oxygen are also an interesting opportunity that both makes the project more profitable and is in line with Gen2 Energy’s holistic thinking around the environment and circular economy.

Grethe Hindersland, CEO in Alcoa Norway says, – Alcoa is very pleased to sign this non-binding letter of intent with Gen2 Energy and looks forward to a good collaboration. Alcoa is passionate about reducing our emissions through our sustainability work. This collaboration will allow us to gain important knowledge about the opportunities hydrogen represents and can play a role in reducing emissions from industry. An important step as aluminium has a strategically important position in the renewable society. We look forward to exploring this space of opportunity in collaboration with Gen2 Energy.

As part of the work to look at opportunities for both parties, Gen2 Energy and Alcoa have agreed to participate in a project related to the use of green hydrogen in maritime transport. There are regular ships from Mosjøen to Rotterdam with aluminium. The potential for significant climate gains in the form of reduced CO2 emissions is a key reason for looking more closely at how hydrogen can be used in the maritime transport chains. This will be a major issue in the hydrogen pre-project for maritime transport that both Gen2 Energy and Alcoa are partners in, where the aim is to establish Hydrogen Hub Helgeland.

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