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Sustainable clean and green energy

We will guarantee that all our hydrogen will be produced from 100 percent pure Norwegian hydropower.

From production to use

We will design and build integrated value chains for green hydrogen using a container-based «plug-and-play»-solution.

Smart and intelligent delivery

Green hydrogen in large scale will be delivered through intelligent logistics systems ensuring effective and safe supply at competetive prices.

What we will produce

Gen2 Energy will produce clean and green hydrogen in scale using Norwegian hydropower.
Our production sites will be located mainly in the North, Central and Southern parts of the country.

During 2023 the total production capacity will be 200 MW of green hydrogen.

The compressed green hydrogen will be stored and delivered in 40ft pressurised containers.
The production of green hydrogen will start mid 2022.

Our rivers and falls are the veins of Norway. The constant flow of blue blood energizes our society, through the production of green arctic hydropower. Norwegian hydropower is what breathes life into Gen2 Energy’s green hydrogen

What we will sell and deliver

We will sell 40ft pressurised containers filled with 100 % clean and green compressed hydrogen (350 bar).
The containers are being developed specifically to store and transport compressed hydrogen.

They will meet national and international standards and requirements, to ensure safety and security throughout the value chain.

Truck with 40 feet hydrogen gas container

Who we are

Gen2 Energy will produce, sell and deliver green hydrogen from Norwegian hydropower.
Through our intelligent systems we ensure that your hydrogen will be delivered to your door when you need it.

We can guarantee that the hydrogen you receive is 100 percent green. We can track back your hydrogen to a stream or waterfall in Norway.

We will aslo guarantee that the handling of the green hydrogen is safe and secure, used to dispensed.

Our management team is:

Jonas Meyer

+47 928 58 525

Terje Simonsen

CSO terje.simonsen@gen2energy.com +47 992 45 898

Jan Fredrik Råknes

CTO jan.fredrik.raknes@gen2energy.com +47 992 67 730

Kristian Sjøvold

COO kristian.sjovold@gen2energy.com +47 917 54 540

Per Christian Fett

Transport & Marketing per.christian.fett@gen2energy.com +47 958 82 120

Svein-Erik Figved

Director Public Affairs
+47 982 21 007

What we care about

We care about our wonderful planet, giving life and welfare to all living beings. Humans are depedent upon nature in order to lifes to lives in prosperous societies.

But human acitivities are pressing the planetary boundaries. Heavy emissions of greenhose gases causes major climate change.

A change in the global energy mix, from fossile to renewable energy, is needed. Extensive use of green hydrogen as an energy carrier will have a major impact.

Therefore to produce and delivery the cleanest and greenest hydrogen in the world. To do our part in saving the planet.

Gen2 Energy is a second generation company for the world. We produce, sell and deliver clean and green hydrogen using Norwegian hydropower.

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