large-scale hydrogen production

Bård Mikkelsen new chairman of Gen2 Energy

Bård Mikkelsen has taken on the role of the new chairman of Gen2 Energy. This move is expected to bolster the company’s position and strategy as a long-term player in the green hydrogen market.
With extensive experience in Norwegian business, Bård Mikkelsen, leveraging his broad and relevant expertise, will contribute to ensuring the realization of Gen2 Energy’s large-scale hydrogen projects.

Gen2 Energy and Norsk e-Fuel partner on green hydrogen for production of sustainable aviation fuel

Gen2 Energy and Gen2 Energy have signed a collaboration agreement on green hydrogen supply for e-Fuel production in Mosjøen, Norway. Gen2 Energy will supply green hydrogen to Norsk e-Fuel, which will use it as a feedstock for the production of sustainable aviation fuels. To maximize synergies, the two companies will also work closely together on development of the industrial site and coordinate project development.