Gen2 Energy has started the zoning plan process for hydrogen production at Jelsa in Suldal municipality

To ensure the best possible utilization of the industrial area at Jelsa for the production of green hydrogen, Gen2 Energy has taken the initiative to work out a zoning plan proposal for the land. There is a need to expand and adapt the land to be used for hydrogen production and storage.

Gen2 Energy has started the planning of a production plant for green hydrogen at Jelsa in Suldal municipality. The planned area is located on the east side of Jelsa by Jelsavågen and Nedstrandsfjorden, approx. 30 km south of municipal center Sand in Suldal municipality.

In the industrial area, there is today a factory building (the former barrel factory) with storage space and quays. The factory was closed down in 2008. The building and plant have been unused for a long time and have been acquired by Gen2 Energy AS.

Norconsult shall, on behalf of Gen2 Energy, submit a proposal for a detailed zoning plan (single-use zoning) based on this zoning plan initiative. The zoning plan proposal shall include gnr.139/102, 139/99, 139/34 (access) and parts of gnr. 139/2, gnr. 139/33 and sea area south to a shallow called Jelsahunden.

The purpose of the detailed zoning plan is to establish a new hydrogen plant with storage area for ready-to-ship containers, based on expansion of industrial and storage area and extended quay. The quay will be established by a new embankment in the south, as an extension of the existing quay. Furthermore, the purpose is to expand the existing industrial area to the north so that a storage area can be established on the north side of the current building.

The total area that can be included in the plan then amounts to approx. 81 acres where of approx. 47 acres which is land area today, based on a preliminary assessment of the measure in the sea and a possible outer limit for safety zone of ​​approx. 150 m from the source. The plan concept involves a wooded hill on the north side, blasted down to quay level and that the masses are used for filling in sea at the south side.

For inquiries, please contact:

Svein-Erik Figved, Gen2 Energy, Director Public Affairs and R&D, Tel. +47 982 21 007,
Peter Sonnenberg, Norconsult, Tel +47 454 04 714,

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Gen2 Energy is a Norwegian company dedicated to develop, build, own and operate an integrated value chain for green hydrogen. The company target to have several large-scale production facilities for green hydrogen located in Norway and Northern-Europe as well as a distribution network ensuring customers safe and reliable delivery. We also aim to use low/zero emission fuel in our distribution system, taking a holistic view on the environmental footprint of the hydrogen value chain.

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