For Gen2 Energy, safety is of primary importance. Safety comes first

Gen2 Energy is committed to protect the health and safety of all people and communities affected by our activities. We understand the risks related to our business and work continuously to prevent adverse effects from our activities by promoting a strong and responsible safety culture throughout our entire value chain.

Beyond compliance to applicable laws and regulations, Gen2 Energy shall demonstrate a visible and strong safety leadership in our projects and operations to mitigate risks to the lowest practicable level. To achieve this, Gen2 Energy choose its employees, suppliers and contractors with risk and safety in mind and collaborates with the industry and professional associations to continuously advance in the safe management of all our assets.

Safety is a key aspect in all parts of our green hydrogen value chain; on our production sites, in storage and all handling of containers, on transport by ship, train or truck and when using hydrogen at the end-users place. Our future smart containers will come equipped with instrumentation and communication modules. Gen2 Energy will monitor the integrity of the containers and their contents from production to use, both as a security measure and to optimize logistics.

Safety helmet and alarm bell
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