Illustration of the hydrogen plant and the administration office at Nesbruket.

Agreement on the planning and design of the quay entered and application for general building permit delivered

Port of Helgeland, Vefsn municipality and Gen2 Energy have entered into an agreement on the planning and design of a new quay linked to Gen 2 Energy’s hydrogen plant at Nesbruket in Mosjøen. The agreement ensures the coordination of the construction of the quay with the construction of the hydrogen plant. Gen2 Energy has now submitted the application for a general permit for the building of the hydrogen plant and the administration office building

A new quay that satisfies the requirements for a well-functioning quay for shipping hydrogen containers is an essential part of Gen2 Energy’s hydrogen plant in Mosjøen. The quay must be ready when the first containers of compressed green hydrogen are to be transported by ship to central ports in Europe.

The agreement between the Port of Helgeland, Vefsn municipality and Gen2 Energy is a clear acknowledgement of the targeted work the three parties are now undertaking to realize the key parts of the hydrogen plant. The agreement has been approved by the board of Port of Helgeland and the executive board of Vefsn municipality. The proceedings in these bodies clearly show the parties’ common interests and their will to succeed in this work.

Laila Brunvold, Port director at Port of Helgeland says

– “We are very pleased to formalize the good collaboration in this agreement. The agreement is important to ensure the coordination required between the parties to develop a container terminal of this size. We at Port of Helgeland IKS will contribute with our port expertise and tailored solutions for Gen2Energy’s needs, which we have experience with from Horvnes logistics center, the oil and gas supply base in Sandnessjøen.”

Erlend Eriksen, Municipal director in Vefsn municipality, says he is satisfied that Gen 2 Energy, Port of Helgeland and Vefsn municipality are reconciled on a design agreement for the quay development.

– “This is a large project for the municipality and the Port of Helgeland and therefore it is extra satisfying that the cooperation to get an agreement in place has taken place in a very efficient and trusting manner, says Erlend Eriksen. – Now it’s just a matter of rolling up our sleeves and getting started with the work so that the quay facility is ready when hydrogen production starts, concludes Eriksen

The notice to neighbors related to the construction of the hydrogen plant and the administration building was sent out just over two weeks ago. There were 21 consents to the plant, three comments from neighbors and five comments from relevant authorities. The comments from neighbors have been answered in the general building application which has now been sent to Vefsn municipality. The comments from the neighbors are aimed at relevant issues that will be taken well care of in the building process and the operations of the facility, such as noise and safety.

Svein-Erik Figved, Head of Public Affairs and Communications at Gen2 Energy says

– “A modern and well-equipped quay for loading and unloading hydrogen containers on ships is an essential part of the hydrogen plant at Nesbruket. When the facility is fully operational, the activity above the quay will mean that the quay will become one of the largest container ports in Northern Norway. We greatly appreciate the willingness of both the municipality and Port of Helgeland to cooperate on solutions that will benefit the entire Vefsn community.”

Figved continues:

– “The feedback we have received from the neighbor notification confirm the general positive attitude towards the hydrogen project in the municipality. The fact that we received 21 consents, which is something you can choose to submit, gives us vital inspiration to continue the work to realize the hydrogen plant. We take the comments from the neighbors seriously and will make sure that they are taken care of.

For more information, contact:

Gen2 Energy
Svein-Erik Figved, Head of PA and Communication, +47 982 21 007,

Port of Helgeland
Laila Brunvoold, Port director, + 47 993 54 015,

Vefsn municipality
Erlend Eriksen, Municipal director, +47 905 21 571,


Briefly about:

Port of Helgeland
Port of Helgeland is an inter-municipal port company (IKS) owned by the municipalities of Alstahaug, Dønna, Leirfjord and Vefsn. The Port of Helgeland must facilitate infrastructure that ensures the best possible connection between sea and land transport, as well as the use of intermodal transport solutions. The objective for Port of Helgeland’s operations is that the combined port resources should at all times provide a competitive port offer.

Vefsn municipality
Vefsn municipality is a municipality in the middle of Helgeland and has 13,400 inhabitants and is thus the 4th largest municipality in Nordland county measured by the number of inhabitants. The municipality borders Leirfjord, Hemnes, Grane, Brønnøy, Vevelstad and Alstahaug municipalities. The municipality’s area is 1,894 km2. The town of Mosjøen is the municipal center and has approx. 10,000 inhabitants. The municipality has a varied business community, of which the aluminum producer and industrial company Alcoa is by far the largest business.

About Gen2 Energy
Gen2 Energy is a Norwegian company dedicated to developing, building, owning and operating an integrated value chain for green hydrogen. The company aims to have several large-scale production facilities for green hydrogen located in Norway and Northern Europe as well as an efficient distribution network that ensures safe and reliable delivery to customers. Gen2 Energy also aims to use low/zero emission fuel in its distribution system, with a holistic view of the climate and environmental footprint of the hydrogen value chainM

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