Illustration of the hydrogen plant and the administration office at Nesbruket.

Notice to neighbors related to the building application for the hydrogen plant in Mosjøen sent out

Gen2 Energy is well underway with the building application for permission to build a hydrogen plant and associated administration building on the Nesbruket site in Mosjøen. This includes notice to the neighbors related to the construction and building of a hydrogen plant and administration building.

Affected neighbors have two weeks to make their comments on the plans for the construction of a hydrogen plant and administration building. The notice to the neighbors include a description of the facility, as well as maps, drawings and illustrations. Construction of a quay is not included in the building application and the neighbor notice now. The quay facility will be notified to neighbors and applied for at a later date by the project owner Helgeland Havn.

Multiconsult is the responsible applicant with Gen2 Energy as the developer. The hydrogen plant with the administration building for which a general permission is now being applied for is mainly in line with the approved area zoning  plan for the Nesbruket industrial area and the approved detailed zoning plan for the Mosjøen hydrogen plant. Both plans were unanimously adopted and approved by the Municipal Council in Vefsn municipality in March this year.

Lars Grimsmo, Head of Project Development at Gen2 Energy says

– The notice to neighbor linked to the application for a general permission to build the hydrogen plant and the administration building shows that we are well on our way to realizing a large-scale plant for the production of green hydrogen in Mosjøen. The hydrogen plant will create more jobs within a green industry and help strengthen Vefsn municipality as a location for forward-looking new industry.

The hydrogen plant will have a clear green profile. Several of the roofs on the buildings are planned with sedum roofs, i.e. plant-covered roofs, on the north-facing parts of the roofs and solar cells on the south-facing parts of the roofs to be able to produce renewable energy for operating the plant. The administration building is planned with wooden paneling on all external walls and solid wood is being considered for parts of the construction. Vegetation belts are planned around large parts of the facility.

Svein-Erik Figved, Head of Public Affairs and Communications at Gen2 Energy says

– It has been important for us to build an industrial plant that fits into the Mosjøen community and which at the same time has a clear green profile. We have been careful to build a plant that complies with the provisions given in recently approved zoning plans and that expresses a forward-looking industrial construction.”

Construction work is planned to start in 2024. The total construction time for the entire project is expected to be 30 to 36 months. 


For further information , please contact

Svein-Erik Figved, Head of Public Affairs, +47 982 21 007, 

Jonas Meyer, CEO, +47 928 58 525, 

Gen2 Energy in brief

Gen2 Energy is a Norwegian company dedicated to develop, build, own and operate an integrated value chain for green hydrogen. The company target to have several large-scale production facilities for green hydrogen located in Norway and Northern-Europe as well as a distribution network ensuring customers safe and reliable delivery. We also aim to use low/zero emission fuel in our distribution system, taking a wholistic view on the environmental footprint of the hydrogen value chain.

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