– Mosjøen can become a world leader in hydrogen initiatives

This was stated by the Prime Minister’s office in their press release after Gen2 Energy met Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Mosjøen. Gen2 Energy presented the company’s plans for green hydrogen in Mosjøen to the Prime Minister in a meeting in Mosjøen on Tuesday 16 November.

Prime Minister Støre followed with interest when CEO Jonas Meyer in Gen2 Energy talked about the company’s plans for large-scale production and distribution of green hydrogen in Mosjøen. The meeting was held in the facilities of Alcoa Mosjøen.

Prime Minister Støre wanted information on how Gen2 Energy will carry out its large-scale production of green hydrogen in Mosjøen and not least how the hydrogen will be distributed and exported to markets in Europe.

The meeting was attended by parts of the political leadership at the Prime Minister’s Office (SMK) and employees in the ministry.

– The government has great ambitions for the development of the hydrogen market. We will contribute to building coherent value chains within hydrogen where production, distribution and use are developed in parallel, says Prime Minister Støre.

In his questions, the Prime Minister was concerned with the need for labor and how to obtain it, the balance between green and blue hydrogen to Europe and the challenges of exporting large quantities of hydrogen.

Gen2 Energy invests heavily in the export of green hydrogen to Europe. In the Hurdal Platform, the government has set a clear target for export from mainland industries in Norway to be increased by 50% by 2030.

– We will facilitate the establishment of new, green export industries in Norway, such as carbon capture and storage, battery production, ammonia and hydrogen, says Prime Minister Støre.

According to the local newspaper Helgelendingen, Støre also stated that “we need hydrogen. It can be very important in Europe. ” Svein-Erik Figved, Communications Director at Gen2 Energy, referred to the company’s contact and agreements with customers in Germany and England.

– What customers in Europe demand is green hydrogen. They want to secure access to the green hydrogen now. This is the solution for countries in Europe in the long run, says Svein-Erik Figved.

– We have signed export agreements to the UK and Germany. Gen2 Energy has already entered into sales agreements that are larger than what the factories in Mosjøen will be able to produce, says Jonas Meyer.

The meeting also touched on the collaboration between Gen2 Energy and Alcoa. The parties have a letter of intent where they will together look at the possibilities of using hydrogen and oxygen in the aluminium production, as well as the use of hydrogen in the shipping logistics between Mosjøen and Rotterdam.

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The translation of the sections from the Prime Minister’s press release is based on the authors translation.


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