Grant for research on hydrogen and safety

Gen2 Energy receives NOK 1.2 million to perform a study to establish safe and secure handling of storage, transportation and utilization of pressurized hydrogen on and from containers. Hydrogen must be highly pressurized in order to be transported and stored in a sensible way. The handling of the pressurized gas must be done in a way that guarantees safety and eliminates the risk of incidents.

The project aims to identify and understand the most important risk factors associated with storing and transporting pressureized hydrogen in containers. The knowledge will be the basis of developing safety requirements to all actors in the value chain, to ensure safe handling of the compressed hydrogen from the production site to the end user.

Says Sven Tore Løkslid, head of the board of directors in Regional forskningsfond Vestfold og Telemark:

“Hydrogen produced with hydroelectric power may well be an important part of a sustainable energy mix in the future. However, before hydrogen can be widely utilized as a fuel, we have to ensure that both transportation, storage and use can be done in a safe manner. This research may bring forward new and important knowledge in this area.”

“Reducing risk and ensure that pressurized hydrogen may be handled safely through the whole value chain is crucial to gain the trust of the market in regard to green hydrogen as a product. Therefore, it is essential to Gen2 Energy to have access to current and new knowledge about risk factors and the handling of those risk factors, in order to establish the correct safety requirements to solutions and actors in the value chain,” says Gen2 Energy’s Svein-Erik Figved.

Sintef and the University of South East Norway are research partners in the project.

Project manager for the pilot project is Gen2 Energy’s Head of Public Affairs and R&D, Svein-Erik Figved.

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Gen2 Energy AS, Borreveien 205, 3184 Borre, Norway