Gen2 Energy has received funding from The Green Platform Initiative

We are happy to announce that Gen2 Energy is among the 25 percent of applicants who have been approved in the first round of the competition for funding through The Green Platform Initiative. The funds will be applied in a pilot project to develop the overall design of flow and functionality between actors in an integrated and intelligent value chain for the production and distribution of compressed hydrogen.

The Green Platform Initiative is a joint project between The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and Siva, all central actors in the Norwegian range of instruments to stimulate research and development. The initiative is designed to support companies and research institutions in finding solutions for research- and innovation-driven green growth. The first phase of The Green Platform Initiative consists of NOK 1 billion, distributed over three years. The aim is to create green jobs and a more sustainable future. Consortiums and companies receive support in the rage of NOK 50–100 million.

Gen2 Energy’s project will have great utility value in the national efforts to realize integrated value chains for the production, distribution and utilization of green hydrogen in different sectors of society. Establishing a continuous eco system which combines the production, storing, distribution and utilization of green hydrogen within a common, safe and intelligent infrastructure will give great socio-economic return of investment, both in a local/regional context as well as nationally and internationally.

Project manager for the pilot project is Gen2 Energy’s Head of Public Affairs and R&D, Svein-Erik Figved.

Link (In Norwegian):

Gen2 Energy AS, Borreveien 205, 3184 Borre, Norway